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Wizard and Knights

The time had come!!

My son asked me for a carnival costume!!

I guess, many moms have their very own unique top 10 most emotional moments with their kids.

Most will probably include the first time “Mommy, I love you!”, the first time you get flowers from them and for me, also the first time making a carnival costume 🙂

Probably because for me this is one of the most beautiful childhood memories. You want to dress up as something/someone and by some kind of magic, mommy makes everything possible. Let it be princess or knight, Batman or Police Officer, Maya the Bee or any other beloved fairy tale.

And the best, as a child you really don’t have to limit your fantasy. Why bother, how to realize those wishes?? Mommy will figure it out 🙂


Mommy, thank you for the best butterfly costume ever <3

So this year, I was super excited when it was time to make a costume. Or rather two, as at kindergarten they were celebrating carnival during the whole week, with changing themes every day.

Of course, there was the obligatory princess – king, knight theme, but also a costume ball were they could come as whatever they wanted to be. My darling choose to be a wizard 🙂

Now, knight and wizard are  not extremely unusual costumes and probably you can get them even cheaper at any store, but no…. we are going with the DIY method.


As we couldn’t really decide whether we wanted to be a knight or a king, we choose to be both 🙂 That meant we needed a crown.

Therefore we made a simple zig zag pattern and cut two layers of yellow felt in that pattern that were sewn together, except for the short ends. There we slid in some elastic first. Finally, the crown was decorated with some red and green felt-gems.

Of course, a knight also needs a sword. That was also made of grey felt and filled with batting. 

Finally the armor was missing. As usually we were running out of time, so we simply took a 40cm wide strip of grey fabric, put a whole in the middle for the head and decorated it with some blazon. Lastly, the sides got some little loops to hold the cord in place that was going to close the costume.  And ready was the Knight’s Kings 🙂


Next we needed the wizard costume. Also that was done with very simple tricks. I had bought some beautiful blue cotton and fold that in half length and cross wise. Now, the little wizard lay down on it and I traced around him and we had our pattern.

After the sides were sewn together, hemmed, neckhole and arms finished, the real work started. Tracing, cutting and gluing a bunch of little felt stars on the costume.  Luckily there was a lot of help. Not even the cat could escape 😀



Finally, we needed a wizard hat. We had planned to make that simply from felt, but unfortunately I just realized at home that at the craft store I was given black felt instead of blue. Now a black hat wasn’t really what we wanted, but luckily there was enough left from the blue cotton to face the felt with it. Of course the hat also received some yellow stars and a little wizard was born 🙂

My little man hat lots of fun making and wearing his costume, just as I had 😀

I am very curious to see what will follow in the upcoming years.


At school we are now totally engaged with pants. My latest making was this 48 sized woman’s trousers for the schools boutique. I have to admit, that although at first it might seem complicated, it really isn’t. In fact it was really fun making. And if it would have been my size I definitively would have kept them.

At pattern drafting classes we are also full in the world of pants. Although there I have to admit I am a bit lost. Unfortunately the flu had reached us too, so there had been quite some hours I had to skip.

But as the next week is (again) all about exams, I need to focus (again) on learning.

Wish me luck and tell me, what were your favorite costumes?


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