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Starting The Second Year

Every child knows that summer holidays are over in a breeze. Adults tend to forgt that, but I can assure you, it’s still the same.

From all of those plans you had only a fractions gets to completion and all of sudden it’s September again and you find yourself in the classroom, where everybody is talking about the final exams to become a custom dressmaker…

Indeed, half of my education to become a professional dressmaker is over. Those who followed the last entries know, that this also means I successfully finished my internship. About the first half of it, I told you in this post.  The second half, wasn’t any less exciting and contained again lots of hand sewing. What can I tell…. I LOVE IT!! 😀

The Internship


At the very top of the To-Do list was still the wedding gown, which has been tacked with thousands of tiny stitches to an extra layer of tulle to support all the beads with which the lace has been embroidered.  Furthermore, we had to remove the beads next to the seam line so that the different parts could be sewn together.



Finally, I got to make two beautiful belts, one I embroidered with the same pearls, the other had a Chanel bow. You can see the beautiful end result here .


There was also a lot of work with these fours hooks, as it wasn’t that easy to sew them on, without them slipping out of place. Also the placement of the other parts to allow for perfect alignment had me re-start it several times. But how do they say? Practice makes perfect 🙂











After I finnished the intership also my holiday from work began and my brother came with his family to visit us . This means we have been 6 adults and 5 kids, you can imagine the party we had 🙂 We had an amazing time full with swimming, riding, going to the climbing park and ropes courses, zoo, open fire evening, lots of ice cream and Hungarian palacsinta… a perfect summer 🙂

A Wedding gift only sewers can come up with

However, that also meant, that my sewing time, was quite limited. The problem was that I just had decided to make a wedding quilt as a gift for a wedding we had been invited to beginning of September. I managed to finish the quilt nearly on the last second (and after my kitty approved it) there was just enough time for one round at the dry-cleaner’s. There was no way to put this quilt into our washing machine.

Have a heart Quilt

Pattern: Have a hear Qzilt by J. Michelle Watts

This has been my first bigger quilting project and I learned a lot. In the next post I am going to tell (and show) you more about how I made the quilt. If you don’t want to miss it, subscribe to the blog and you’ll get notified by mail about new posts. Furthermore, you also receive my tutorial for the wrist pincushion.

The wedding happened actually on the same day, school started again.

Saturday, 2nd September 2017

Well, also first school days haven’t changed a lot. Although thanks to facebook and co. we basically area always in touch with our friends, colleagues, school mates, still a good portion of the first day was just about TATTLING 😀

Everybody told about their summer experiences, the internship and anything that could happen within three months (big surprise about that as well in the next post 😉 ). Eventually, we got serious and learned some horror stories about the exams waiting for us at the end of the year. Like sewing a jacket in 210 minutes. You can imaging the common reaction: WTF!!??

To get us prepared for this insanity we then jumped right into sewing a mini version of an unlined jacket.

After the “slightly” chaotic beginning last year we were all somewhat surprised to learn that there was already a timetable ready. The surprise then lasted only till the next Tuesday, when we learned that the timetable had already been changed, without telling anyone. And what’s even better, it is still not finished, so at least one major change will happen…

Well, knowing when and how long your school day is going to last, would have been to easy. Anyway, on Wednesday there was another highlight. The distribution from the first year’s school certificate. As the internship was a requirement for successful completion, we didn’t receive the certificates end of last year.

As you might know, I grew up in Germany and hadn’t seen any Hungarian school from inside before starting this challenge, so I was pretty proud of receiving it 😀

Well, this brings us back to today, when everyday life has us back. I am very curious to see what this new year of school will bring.

What are your (sewing)plans for the next months?

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