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School Has Started

Tuesday was THE day, finally the first day of school had come. I was pretty nervous and anxious with thousands of questions spinning in my head. How many students will there be? Will they be my age? How many subjects are we going to have? What’s the schedule? And I could go on and on but eventuallly 13th September arrived and so I was quite early at schoool, eager to start.

While I was waiting, the room started to fill and I realized, that there were also people from other classes starting that day. So by 4pm all the tailors for woman and man clothing, the students for leather goods, the graphic designers and probably also the fashion designers of the school year 2016 had arrived. We  received some general introduction and then the students of leather goods were asked to get in line for the obligatory doctor’s check. The rest was introduced to the class teacher and so the big bunch of people was divided into their classes. We realized that teaching wasn’t happening that day, but of course administrative things need their time as well. We  went up to our classes and there it turned out, that it was quite a big class with 42(!!) students.  There were four men tailors who are kind of incorporated in the women’s course, except for some specific hours.

In The Classroom

Well, what can I say. I was a bit shocked by the amount of students, as we were in a quite limited space, but then, they’ll probably know, what they do… Unfortunately this thought soon proved to be wrong, as  nobody knew nothing! Except for our teacher’s phone number and email address, there wasn’t any real new information. I’d expect we would get some schedule or list with the materials we will need, but apparently  the teacher hadn’t received any information neither. The only thing we  were told is that the next day we should gather at the same room at 4pm and we should now get downstairs again and get in line for the doctor’s check.

Downstairs we were shocked again as the line was still very long, in fact it only got longer. It was kind of mysterious. Although everybody only spent like 2 minutes with the doctor, the row didn’t get shorter. At least this way there was plenty of time to talk to my new class mates and get to know them 🙂

Another 30 minutes later the school management realized that there was no way that all students could be checked that day, so another appointment was scheduled and we were free to leave.

Although I am very excited that school finally started, it was a a bit chaotic, though this is probably what you should expect on a first day. Anyway, the next day we would have lessons  again, so hopefully we would finally learn something.

The Next Day

The next day pretty much started like the previous ended, with lot’s of chaos. There were some misunderstandings regarding the classroom we should go as someone found a schedule and there was another room number provided, than the one we were told the day before. But what was even more weird, was the fact, that according to that schedule, the lesson had already started at 3.40pm.

At least, we finally learned which subjects we would have. Note, that these are industry terms, and I might (well, most probably) use incorrect English translation.

  • Employment
  • Women’s/Men’s clothing sales
  • Textile products patternmaking
  • Women’s clothing construction and alterations
  • Clothing industry fabrics and goods
  • Clothing industry productions and preparation
  • Working with clothing industry machines
  • Working safety
  • Technical drawings
  • Textile production technology
  • Home decor textile production exercise
  • Women’s clothing production technology
  • Fabric knowledge  exercise
  • Technical drawings exercise
  • Women’s clothing production exercise
  • Clothing industry preparation with computer programs
  • Making of textile products

These are the subjects  of week A. As there is also a week B I am not sure, if there will be additional subjects to these 17. Honestly, I think they are quite confusing. I don’t understand the difference between some of them, but that’s probably another thing, we will just see.

Anyway, according to the schedule, the first lesson was already 20 minutes due, but no teacher available and half of the class was missing, probably waiting in the other room. Pretty annoying. Finally there was a teacher and we started to learn a little introduction into economics. I was a bit surprised when I heard that one school hour is in fact 40minutes, so time was literally flying and when the rest of the class appeared, the lesson was already over. So we waited for the next teacher.

First Patternmaking Class

She arrived and we continued with textile products patternmaking (half an hour which was actually 20 minutes), however of course nobody had any material. So we spent most of the time discussing the schedule and the materials we should bring with us.

  • A4 notebook
  • Pencil: HB and 2B, colored pencils are also fine, but no sharpies
  • Ruler: straight, triangle, compasses
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Quarter measuring tape
  • Measuring tape
  • Tracing paper (can be also baking paper or crafts paper)

The hours are based on the book Ruhaipari Szabás-Szakrajz from the Göttinger publisher (author Benkö Istvánné) . That is based on the German Müller system and as I have the German book Bekleidung – Schnittkonstruktion für Damenmode (awesome book!!) for now I don’t plan to buy the Hungarian one.

First Clothing Production Preparation Lesson

The next lesson was pretty cool, as we finally started going through some material and learned something. We went through all kinds of different drawing types. I know I once saw a very similar pdf from  NSZFI  but I can’t seem to find it now. Once I have it I’ll link it here. But probably I’ll make a separate post about it.

Last Subject Of The Day

The last hour was again rather improvised, as the teacher just learned the evening before, that she’s going to get a new class. After some discussions we went through the chain of the home decor and clothing production and discussed what we should bring for Saturdays exercising lessons.

  • Scissors: fabric scissors and paper scissors as you know the holy rule 🙂 NEVER cut paper with your fabric scissors!

monday-meme-cutting-paper-fabric-scissors-265x300 57571182  download-1

  • Measuring tape: The teacher advised to get a tape with no plastic casing.
  • Pins: 0,5-0,6mm strong. I usually like the quilting pins or if I get headed ones, than at least glas headed as I already managed to melt some of those plastics when pressing a fabric 😉
  • Tailor’s chalk: The teacher doesn’t like the traditional chalk as it’s a bit hard. She prefers soap, although you need to check first that it doesn’t have too much fat otherwise when pressing there will stay a stain.
  • Some plain muslin. I actually like the IKEA fabric DITTE as I find it is always very straight on grain, so you don’t have to spent a lot of time truing it.
  • Again some brown crafting paper or baking paper will do
  • Eraser
  • triangle ruler

Conclusion After The First Days

Well, I have some very mixed feelings about the first two days. The organisation has really been lacking, but I am excited to see the sewing studio on Saturday 🙂

Do you use anything else for drawing or sketching?



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