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My New Pincushion… Or should I Say Bracelet?

A few days ago, I made a post about the top 5 most annoying things in sewing.  Not only did  our teaches, just all of sudden disappear from one day to the other, no, also my little sewing project didn’t work out at all.  I had planned a little pincushion for my wrist, but for some very weird reason, i was just incapable of sewing in the elastics correctly…. you know, there are those days, when it just won’t work.

So what do you do then?

Right, just let it go 🙂

Have a nice meal, a good night rest and then try again.

Saturdays practice lesson

So this is what I did and on Saturday I gave it another try. Finally, the elastics was sew in correctly and a nice calls mate gave me some staffing and told me to use what I need, and give her the rest… well, not much of rest left…. to be exactly nothing 😀 Incredible how many staffing fit in those little pincushion.

However, I think it turned out awesome 😀 I simply LOVE IT !!

But see for yourself.

pincushion pincushion

Isn’t it adorable?

I would say, it is super easy to make but given the fact, how much time I lost with those elastics, let’s just say it can be made with a very little do fabric 😉

I really love my cute little pincushion, but as I had to rip out the elastics a few time, the fabric suffered a bit.

So I decided to make another and use the opportunity to take many pictures. And this is how my first tutorial was born 😀

pincushion pincushion

Do you also want such a pincushion?

Then you just need to subscribe to my newsletter and you can download the PDF right away 🙂

What else happened?

Of course we don’t only do home decor, but will also learn skirts and pants in the first year. so this week was all about skirts. How to correctly take the right measurement, draft and sewing a skirt and how to make a laying drawing.

This means we drafted the block of a skirt with a quarter measuring tape and then glued the sloper on the “paperfabric”. What a great thing to check the best position of your pattern pieces. Furthermore, you will know exactly how much fabric you need.

Szoknya Szerkesztés                 Szoknya Felfektetési Rajz

But it wasn’t all theory, we also had some sewing in the making. We practiced on a mock skirt. After making the darts and putting in a slotted zipper, we also sewed in the waistband. This is all in preparation to make skirts based on our own measurements. Of course I’ll reports about that step by step so you can follow along and make your own 🙂

Obviously I need a bit more practice on darts  🙂


But first I want to try some some different techniques for slotted zippers. I checked my books and found that there are quite some different approaches and I want to test them and see which gives which results and what I like best. So I went for some zipper shopping and prepared some pieces of fabric.


You will find the detailed report soon here on the blog 🙂

Have you ever drafted a skirt to your measurements? Are you interested in it? Or would you like to know more about the right measurement taking? We do so many things in school that I hardly can decide, what I should write about next 🙂 So please leave me a comment and let me know, what you would like to read about more.

Until then happy sewing 🙂




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