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New Challenges After The Quarterly Exams

Alright, we just finished the exams week (which in fact was rather three weeks) and are heading straight to the semi exams. At least I know now, that we have 19 different subjects. However, I still feel like that we are doing the same in many of them. As long as we learn something, I am ok with that 🙂

Currently we are still studying skirts, but in the meantime we were finally doing some variations and not only the straight skirt sloper.So now we also made an A-line skirt, a 6 panel skirt and circle skirt. As far as I know only the 8 panel skirt is missing. Furthermore, we also constructed a completely different skirt style out of our straight skirt sloprer to match a design sketch. That was really a lot of fun to create something completely new, respectivelly to make a pattern, so that a drawing could become real. I also enjoy now the construction in the smaller scale as it really allows you to get a great overview of how you could lay your pattern pieces on the fabric and how much you need. For example my half circle skirt needs only 90cm of fabric if there is no nap.


Because it was so much fund, I “designed ” also a christmas skirt. I think it would look really fun with the red waisband 😀


Pattern drafting definetively belongs to my favorite subjects 🙂

in the practical lessons we made a row of different skirt slits and now we are doing quite some pockets, like sewn on pockets, inseam pockets, welt pockets and many many more.


Where can you get better practical lessons than in a sewing studio? Exactly, nowhere!

That’s why I think it is a great idea, that we will have to do an internship of 96 hours during summer in a sewing studio. I also already know, where I would LOVE to do my internship and that would be my dream fashion house  Luan by Lucia. Luan by Lucia stands for absolute high quality  haute couture garments and so much more. The founder and chief designer of the house, doesn’t only want to make her clients look great, but also feel great and offers a wide range of possiblities to get your soul in best shape. Furthermore, she encourages and supports many young designer and wants to bring the craftmanshhip over to the next generation. As I said, the perfect fashion house 😀

So after I have been sitting and working on my application for quite some time, I finally took a heart and pusehd the send button. I was so happy when not long time later I received a reply and invitation for an interview. The conversation was extremely positive and inspiring and now I am invited to a 5 day course to test my abilities. If they see potential, I might spend the summer internship there. Only thinking about that makes me smile  😀

This course is a so called orientation week in which each day another sector of the fashion industry gets highlighted. Thus you get to know the many facettes. The topics are personality, design, styling, fashion management and of course sewing. This is going to be awesome and  I hardly can wait for it. Luckily we start tomorrow so that’s why I should rather put the laptop aside and get some rest, though I know, I won’t sleep due to excitement 🙂

I’ll let you know how it goes 🙂




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