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Let’s Start Sewing

Saturday, 8:00 am „ Good morning, Ms Teacher!”… 8.25 am „Good Bye, Ms Teacher!”

Wait! What happened? Finally Saturday arrived, we’re at the Szabolcs street school building and after 25 minutes all is over? Unfortunately yes, although only for me. The previous days were full with action, on Friday we were even invited to a beautiful wedding. A few hours of sleep was simply not enough to be appear in proper condition. I tried it… I really did…. But finally my hubby was right, who doubted it would be a good idea to leave for school, when he saw me in the morning.

8.25 am… I realized he was right 🙁

Therefore I can’t really tell, what happened Saturday. For the first 25 minutes the teacher was talking about the „Premier Vision”, the Parisian fair, that’s all about the new seasons colors and trends. The afternoon was spent at the sewing studio…. While I was huffily resting in bed.

New Day, New Start. Or to be more concrete new Tuesday. That was when we headed again towards Szabolcs street and this time nothing would stop me from getting to know the sewing studio. And what can I say. I LOVE IT 🙂 The sewing machines are industrial ones so not the all-in-one home sewing machine.

What’s the difference?

  • The look. While most home sewing machine are rather small and handy and portable, the industrial machines are fixed to a table, so you cannot easily move them around. Furthermore, most newer home sewing machines are made mainly of plastics. The industrials are made of pretty heavy iron. They look really retro 🙂
  • The stitches. While the industrial machines only do straight and zig zag stitches, the new machines have like a felt 1000 other possibilities, many do even embroidery. You can’t expect that from an industrial machine, because there is a separate machine for each task. If you want to sew a button hole, that the newer machines have even several options, while the industrial machine, doesn’t have a single. If you need a button hole, there is a separate machine. You want to hem your pants with blind-stitches? There is a separate machine. You want to sew a button? Well, you guessed it 🙂
  • The durability. How much time do you spend sewing at home during the week?Probably not more, than a few hours. Maybe sometimes you won’t even have time for weeks to sew. Now what do you think, how much time an industrial machine is sewn on? Around 16 hours daily! Honestly, do you think, your cute little home sewing machine, would be fine sewing constantly for several hours? My blender gets already over heated when I have it on for several minutes. They are simply not made for such a load of work.
  • The speed. When it comes to Speed the industrial machine is like a Formula 1 car, whereas the home sewing machine is more like a Fiat 500. They can work with immense spped. A homesewing machine does between 650 and 100 stitches/minute on an average, whereas there are industrial machines that can make up to 5500 stitches/minute!!

So is the industrial better?

NO! I know, I said, they are faster and more durable, but they are not better. They are faster and more durable because it’s their job to be. They are made to sew countless hours, with countless layers of fabric as fast as possible. At home, do you want to sew a series of clothes? Or maybe hem your darlings pants? Maybe change a broken zipper? You need a quick skirt? Or maybe you would like to jazz up your kid’s clothes with some ruffles? For all that the home sewing machine is the best option.

Anyway, for each machine, let it be a home sewing or an industrial machine you need some time to learn how to „drive it”. Especially, if you’ve never sewn with an industrial before, as they really are „fast and furious” 🙂

So back at school, everybody got himself a nice little industrial sewing machine and we practiced stitching on some paper without thread. That reminded me of my mom who gave me exactly this task to practice. She also made me draw some lines on the paper and trace them with the machine 🙂



We did some practice in straight stitching, waves, eventually we got some fabric and thread and practiced again and at the end of the days darts. We were also allowed to bring some fabrics (and ideas) and make something. I found this little pouch very cute. I had no lace zipper, but I had some lace and a zipper and I absolutely love the result )

wp_20160921_003    wp_20160921_004

The one thing I guess I like most in sewing is actual pressing. I think, it makes any garment much more beautiful and is the secret to successful sewing. Specially if you have the right tools. Obviously the school has, staring with the pressing station!! I don’t just love it, I am totally overwhelmed by it. The board is heated and it has a built in something, that will cool down your fabric after you put steam on it. So you won’t have to wait several  minutes until it cools down, as it nearly instantly does. It is awesome 🙂


I really enjoy the sewing at the studio. However, what I didn’t like that much, is that we were still so many students (although the whole class was already split into two groups) that the teacher needed to open three rooms, which meant, she was running from one room to the other, helping and of course teaching.

Back to the classrooms

Wednesday was again full with theoretical study, respectively another attempt to get to the doctors. As you might remember, last week that didn’t work out, as we were simply too many students, so this week it was a must. Unfortunately,  I missed law and the basic signs in pattern making.

Although actually a bit dry the teacher really did his best, so we learned about the different terms and definitions of sewing. Actually it was interesting to learn what exactly the term stitch means, how you measure the stitch length and all that. At last we would learn about the different figure types. Finally, we were also told, that there will be now three instead of two groups, but they couldn’t tell who was going to be in a group with whom.

The first fabric manipulation

After two days rest, we met again on Saturday at the Szabolcs Street and started the day with some fabric knowledge. I was actually already wondering, when we would talk about the different fibers. After that we went through the basics of a skirt, like the flat sketch and which things you have to include in the description.

The afternoon we spent in the sewing studio and started with some pin tucks and did some fabric manipulation. It was fun to do things that I have actually in a book from 1959 🙂



We also practiced some gathering and using the overlock. Well, as much as I love my overlock at home, I really do NOT love the ones at school. I tried two machines. The one I found to be actually absolutely disabled to do any work on it, the other wasn’t much better. There was no way I could get a nice seam with those. They wouldn’t move at all, or uncontrollably grab, cut and sew my fabric. I should mention I wanted to finish some curves with it… No matter how hard I tried to make a nice seam, I think the end result is quite ugly, but then of course it is only for practicing. We did some more darts, finishing seams with an overlook and will put in a zipper on a piece of a fabric, so that we can then also start making our own skirts (the second group already started).

Next Tuesday we will have the first computer lessons. I am very curious to see how that goes 🙂




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