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Learning, Learning, Learning…. And My First Skirt

My autumn break might not be the same as it used to be 10 years ago, but it is still over in a second.  Which means we are in the middle of our first quarterly exams. And I am proud as a Punch because until now I received an A for all four written exams 😀

During the week, we will have some more exams, but also practical ones. One of the exams will be to draft a skirt. We have done that several times before and it was also a homework to make one based on our own measurements. So I drew the pattern and brought it to school where our teacher checked the drawing and found it to be ok. So my next task was to copy it and add the seam allowances until the next week, which was last Saturday. I brought my new sewing pattern and some fabric to school and was hopeful we would finally make a real skirt. 

Well, before we would start that, we got a new teacher… again 🙁 Not sure, if she’s the 5th or 6th. Anyway, my hopes were already leaving, that we were going to sew our own skirt. But then we will have another exam in which we will have to sew a skirt back, so we should use the time to practise. Instead of using the prepared school’s material, I rather cut out my own fabric and made my first complete skirt.

MY First skirt

Good news first… I finished it in time.

Bad news…. it looks awful!!! 🙁


I am still no champ using the school’s serger and although I cut away a bit to much of the center back , it is still far too big. Look how much fabric I pinched out from my back. So either I did horrible in the drawing, however the teacher checked and dind’t find any issue. Or this method is simply not for me. I guess, my face says it all.

I was so annoyed, that I started to sew another skirt the very same evening. This time I was going to use the pattern I drew based on the Furrer method. Remeber, Suzy Furrer the founder of Apparel Arts. She offers also a few courses on Crafts and once I made a bodice sloper based on them, which I liked very much. So all my hope was with her skirt.

The second skirt… and the first I would wear in public

What can I say? The difference is obvious and I just L-O-V-E my new skirt 😀



Again, I guess, my face says it all 😀




I am so happy with it, that actually I don’t even want to sew the third skirt I drafted based on my German patternmaking book. It was actually quite similiar to the school’s version. But then, the darts were somewhat different…. well, maybe I should sew it up nevertheless 🙂

What else did i sew?

As mentioned, I am in the middle of the quarterly exams. Which means I should use every free minute to learn…. should… So what do I do? Obviously, I am using every opportunity NOT to learn  😀

E.g. kindergarten send us a message, that my son needs a sportsbag. And which mom could be so egoistic to rather learn, than make a sports bag for the eldest?? Not me 😉

Here is the result.



Isn’t it cute? I even went to town to get some embroidery floss and stitch his kindergarten sign. If you don’t recognize it… it’s grapes.

My son likes his new bag so much, that he won’t leave it at kidnergarten, but takes it home every day 😀

Alright, but now I REALLY need to learn. Wish me luck 🙂




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