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Is it too late for “Happy New Year”?

Wow, already so much time passed since the last entry.

What do you think? Is it already too late to wish you a Happy New Year??

Well, as outside there is still plenty of snow and none of our neighbors removed their Christmas decoration, I guess it’s ok 😀

Therefore, I hope you all had wonderful holidays and the best start into the New Year!

We visited my parents in Germany and were spoiled for nearly two weeks (I returned with two plus kilo on the scale. Do I need to say more ;-)?)

Probably the huge amounts of ginger bread consumed were guilty as well. These I made for last day at school. In case you don’t recognize them, these are sewing machines, scissors and thread spoons 🙂

Honestly, I should have used the free time also for learning, as beginning of January the half year exams were coming. Yeah, I know…. seems like we are rushing form exam to exam, but as a matter of fact last Friday was the last day of the first semester. This means we are a quarter through the education. Can you believe that?

What else happened?

So you might be wondering what happened during my week at Luan by Lucia? The good news is, that I got to sew much more than I initially thought. But I really have to say it was not easy. In one of my first posts I told you how fast an industrial sewing machine is. Well, the machine I sat at was  whole other league. Seriously, I think it wasn’t even from this planet….. simply straight sewing….. IMPOSSIBLE!! After (trying hard to) sewing straight for two days I got the next exercise which contained sewing in circles…. well, yes, sure why not….. I put on my pokerface, while I wanted to burst out in tears.

But then whining is not my style, so I switched into solution mode. This means I went shopping 😀 I figured out, I might need other shoes as sewing in my boots didn’t feel comfortable and actually at home I like sewing best only in socks.

Well, at the shoes store the only pair of slippers were out of some pink plush fabric. Not very gorgeous, but at least my size and if it would save me one hour to sew approximately 1m straight seam… then it is pink plush. And yes, you read correctly… there were seams where I needed an hour, though this hour was not only sewing, but also swearing, ripping, sewing, swearing, ripping, sewing,….  it really wasn’t my best performance. I spent minutes sitting in front of the sewing machine, trying my best to slowly press on the pedal, when the machine would all of sudden just roar like a porsche and run all over the fabric.

Unfortunately, my beautiful pink plush slippers didn’t make quite the change I hoped for, but on my last day, the machine I was sitting at was occupied, so I  moved to another of which everybody told, me that one was fast like hell…..

Great, how much worse could it get? Right, none. So I started working and you have no idea how much I was relieved, when I finally “felt” the machine again. I was able to sew!!

the week was over

So when the week was over, I knew that I still wanted to learn to sew like a pro and there is no sewing machine that is going between me and my ambition.

Therefore, I was more than happy, when beginning of January I was invited for the feedback and learned, that I was successful and am now an apprentice at the fashion house.

This means I am not only doing my summer internship there, but they will even “prepare” me for that. So basically I  am supposed to come every week. Awesome, isn’t? 😀

There is just one catch. I can’t spent as much time there as I and the fashion house would like me to.

I returned to the working population from 2nd January, and even if it is only a 30 hours week, there are 16 hours of school, plus the time for learning. Then there is my little PropsBpx and most important my family with two little kids. So as much as I would have loved to spent a whole day there, it is going to be only 4hours a week. To me this just means, I need to be double as good 🙂

The internship will start Thursday and I am already quite curious how much I will learn.

And now I know, which sewing machine I will avoid as hell 😉

Also school started again

And we start into our second semester with some great pant drafting.

Well, this wasn’t so easy either and I really needed to pay attention. But I also have plenty of Craftsy courses as well (I just LOVE them), like Pants Sloper, Drafting Pants  and Pant Construction Techniques: In the Details. Of course I will test again, which one I like most.

In the prectical lessons we already made some child pants, although the focus was on the pockets. Buttons and button holes will follow. I was so happy, when I saw it fits my little man. Though probably not for too long. Anyway, until summer, I hopefully have mastered a few more techniques and then the pants production can start 🙂


This was my exam work for the skirt back with concealed zipper and waistband. I really like this kind of zipper.     

Also, there is going to be a competition at school, in which one can participate with a self made piece of clothing. I thought about such an box pleated skirt like these.

What do you think? would you like to see how such a skirt is made? Let me know in the comments 🙂




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