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Introduction Into Gerber Technology… And Aome Bad News

Today were the first two hours at the computer, learning the pattern making program Gerber Technology, which is one of the market leaders. Very exciting 🙂I already made a few patterns, but only very traditional, with pencil, paper and many many rulers.

First we started with the user interface and then started drawing some lines. Now that doesn’t sound very exciting, but if you consider, that his is a very professional tool with tons of features, it really makes sense to learn the basic thoroughly. And honestly, drawing some simple lines, wasn’t even that simply. If you never worked with such a program, and nobody of us did, everything is very unfamiliar. Its not your know office surface 🙂

So after we drew some basic line, the first two hours were already over. Unfortunately we only have this class every two weeks, but given the fact that actually only very few people in Hungary have the option to learn this program and work with it, we are very happy to be given this chance.

Next we went to the bust station… yes, the bus station… as we needed to go to the other building where we had again some practice hours. During practice I realize once more the following hings.

The 5 most annoying things, that happen can happen when sewing

  1. Needles breaking, threads breaking, nerves breaking…. seriously, why are these always breaking, when there are only a few more inch left?
  2. If for a mysterious reason, nothing breaks, you can be sure, that your bobbin will be empty as soon as only a few more stitches are needed.
  3. The eternal search for…. well, where should I start… the measuring tape, the scissors, the pins, the chalk,…. anything you would just need all of sudden moves further away.
  4. So after you changed your needle, re-threaded the machine, remove the thread as you needed to wind the bobbin, re-threaded once more, ran through the whole room collecting your tools and FINALLY sew those last inches, there is this feeling of pure happiness… followed instantly by the desire to throw everything away as you just realized you’ve sewn together the wrong sides.
  5. What’s nest? Of course the search for the seam ripper….

All of the above is pretty nervy, but compared nothing to when you teacher tells you, she’s leaving school and tomorrow she will hold the last hours. Who will teach us on Saturday? No idea…

Of the above only point 4 and the bonus point happened to me today. I don’t want to sound pessimistic, but it really sucks…. The start had been with so many organizational lacks, and finally it seemed like we really got into it. It really is a pity.

Let’s see if we will know tomorrow who is going to take us over and if and what lessons will be on Saturday.




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