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First Year Done

Unbelievable, but true…

I am half way through my goal of becoming a professional dressmaker.

First year of school is over.

Altough that is not exactly true. Before school starts again in September, we will have to do our 2 weeks summer internship.

As you might remember, I successfully applied at the haute couture fashion house Luan by Lucia where I worked an afternoon a week since January this year. Of this two week summer internship, I already finished a week and I can tell you, I am not there for coffee making 😉

The internship

Starting from making small kitchen clothes, shortening pants, making a stola and working with the finest lace for a wedding dress (had to put it together with a piece of tulle by hand with hundreds of tiny stitches :-O ), there  has been quite some tasks. And another week is waiting for me 😀




However, the most fun I had making this little pincushion for the salon. They are made completely by hand and I even got to keep one for myself. Aren’t they just cute?? And besides I am the only person who has exactly such a pincushion that is used like in the haute couture salon…. ó lá lá 😀

Something for the boys

Besides the internship, I decided I would use the summer break to sew something for myself. Of course that didn’t really work out.

First are the boys. As we practised several closures and collars I wanted to get some more practise on them. However, as I don’t wear a lot of blouses, I thought I’d make two for the big and the small one.


Well, I did a bad choise with the fusible interfacing for the collar and the button band. Seriously, that stuff is so stiff, that it basically became unusable.

So I’ll have to get some more fabric and a softer interfacing and change that.

Nevertheless, I think the results will be cool 😀





But then I indeed managed to make something for myself. This blouse from Burda doesn’t have any collar, but a very fun plastron. Together with the striped fabric, it really is a fun pattern. Workintensive, but fun…

Looking for inspiration

Lately, I have been quite a lot a Burda  as I am looking for some inspiration. Our teachers advised us to think what we will want to make as our final exam work. Well, you have to know, that the final exam work isn’t just a piece you throw together and your done…..


You’ll have to make a complete technical documentaiton, including all the sketches (and obviously the garment will have to look like the sketch). You need to write everything!! What materials are needed, which stitchtypes you are going to use, which settings, which machines, a full price calculation, so really just everything that comes with a pattern…. the pattern itself will then have to be drawn on the PC.

So I really need to think about how much time I’ll have and probably not go for a wedding gown 😉

However, I already decided, that I won’t sew for myself, but a very dear friend explained her willingness to be my model 🙂 At least the fitting should be a lot easier this way and it gives me a feeling of how it will be to sew for a client 🙂

What are your plans for the summer? Do you have any ides for some nice dress I could make for the exams?



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