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It’s Autumn Break

That means I get to sleep until noon, hang out in my pajamas, meet friends and go out….

Oh wait, that was like 10 years  ago… 10 YEARS ?!

That long… well ?

Today my break looks a bit different.Besides the usual madness, ehh I mean of course the usual everyday, this means lots of learning as we approach the quarterly exams.

10 years since my last autumn breaks,… quarterly exams,… seriously, something must be wrong with the time!
Anyway, it’s learning time. And what? Just EVERYTHING!

The quarterly exams

Eventually, we will be writing an exam in each subject. Well, actually I still don’t get the difference of all the subjects we have, as we often have the same topic with different teachers. E.g. I really don’t know how often we already drew a skirt… let’s just say often.

The good news is that we already have written two exams. This leaves like only 20 more 😉

The even better news is, that one exams has already been corrected. For me this is a special one, as it is my very very first official exam at an Hungarian school. I already thought of hanging it on the fridge, but then an exam about working place safety seemed a bit odd there.

The very best news however is, that I got an A or in Hungarian a five. In Hungary you get marks from one to five, where one is the worst and five the best. In Germany the marks are from  one to six and different. One is the best and six the worst.

I remember, when my mom, who herself grew up in Hungary with the Hungarian system, always was upset when I showed her happily my latest one. She would always ask “That could have been better, couldn’t it?” “No, mom, it couldn’t 😀 ”

So, there are exams left for employment and economics, production preparation, fabrics, patternmaking, production preparation with the PC and of course the practical subjects. In homedecor I think we will make a pillow case and in clothing we will do probably another zipper or a skirt.

By the way, our new teacher showed us a a new zipper insertion last Saturday.



Pretty, isn’t it? But I have to confess, that I found it a bit confusing and I should practice it as I hardly remember how it was done.

The skirtsloper

Our homework was to make a skirt sloper based on our own measurements and bring it in on Saturday. I had hoped we would also sew it, but we didn’t get this far. However, our teacher checked all slopers and corrected them and next time we will sewing them up 😀


When there is some time left in this break, I am going to sew that skirt anyway here at home. In fact, I am going to sew three skirts, as I also made three slopers. You know I am a fan of trying things out and see what works best. So I have prepared the sloper like it was shown at school, but also based on the method from my patternmaking book  Schnittkonstruktion für Damenmode and based on  Suzy Furrer’s method . Suz Furrer is the founder of  Apparel Arts, an fashion school in San Francisco and also teaches on Craftsy of several patternmaking courses. I own the courses for the bodice and the pant slower and I think they are great. She is an awesome teacher, with very clear instructions and easy to follow. For the skirt I followed this tutorial which is written by a former student. It was a bit complicated, as I needed to calculate between inch and centimeters, but I hope the result will be worth it 🙂

So during my last fabric shopping I bought some extra meters muslin so I can go ahead experimenting and see which method works best for me. I will make another post about how to draft the skirts and about the results.

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My new pressing tools

Before I start learing, let me just quickly show you what I made this week. Doja from elewa.blog.co.uk started a “Ham and Sausage Challenge”. These are pressing tools that look like a ham and a sausage, that’s where the names come from. You can find a very easy to follow tutorial and the pattern for these cuties on her blog. The sewing is done extremely fast, the filling took a while for me, but I love the result 😀

In fact, I made a ham a few years ago, but somehow never managed to get the opening closed, so the poor thing was ever since hold by a few pins. Doja’s challenge really came as a sign  😀



Do you also have such UFOs (unfinished objects) flying around?




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